What Smiling Does for General HealthWe have all heard that it is good practice to smile big and smile often. People often say that smiling and laughing is contagious, but how much validity these statements hold may actually surprise you. Whether you realize it or not, a bright and genuine smile can carry you along the day, and influence your overall health beyond what you may have thought.

Smiling for General Health

You may not know or feel it, but there are actions that we take that affect how we feel throughout the day, and that in turn affects how our body works. When we smile, our body releases endorphins that essentially work as feel-good chemicals. Similarly, adverse facial reactions can draw us to minimal amounts of stress or angst.

Scientists have discovered that there is a strong connection between stress and poor health. Higher levels of stress tend to coincide with lower overall qualities of health and wellbeing. There are many factors that can contribute. The resulting effects include weakened immune systems, hair loss, and elevated blood pressure. The releasing of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals, then, is very important to sustaining a healthy means to reducing stress.

By smiling and combining other efforts to relieve stress and improve mood, there is a slew of health benefits that follow the improvements made. Reduced blood pressure, improved immune systems, and a general better sense of wellbeing can mean a lot to an individual. Smiling feels good, and is contagious to those around you.

Smiling can bring about a more gradual happiness and enjoyment than without smiling. We specialize in improving and creating the happiest smiles one could hope for. For any questions regarding gaining confidence in your smile, do not hesitate to ask how we can help make that dream possible. You deserve your healthiest happiest smile.

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