What are Zirconia Crowns and How are They Different from Other Crowns?If you want to have the best material for your new dental restorations, be sure to consider zirconia crowns. Although they are relatively new compare to other materials, they are generally known for their superior durability and strength. Apart from that, they provide great aesthetics. But you might ask yourself, what makes them so different from other types of crowns?

What are Zirconia Crowns?

Zirconia crowns are becoming more popular as the industry continues to improve its performance. They are generally made up of a safe ceramic material that is mostly used for other medical purposes, such as bone repair and replacement.

Much like other dental crowns, zirconia crowns serve as replacements for missing teeth. Moreover, they can be an ideal option for protecting the weakened teeth and preserving the natural look of your teeth.

Zirconia Crowns versus Other Types of Crowns

For the most part, zirconia crowns function the same way as other types of materials. However, they offer a greater set of benefits for you and your oral health. Their appearance, in particular, is easier to manage and more resistant to discoloration. In fact, most of our patients think that they are highly translucent and look much like natural teeth.

Zirconia crowns are more biocompatible compared to porcelain crowns and other materials. This means that they can reduce more plaque build-up than more traditional crowns. This can also be quite beneficial if you want a metal-free restoration or have any allergic reactions to PFM restorations. Zirconia crowns are also more resistant when it comes to chipping.

If you tend to have concerns about adjustments and getting a precise fit for your crowns, zirconia crowns can ease your worries since our lab makes them with accurate manufacturing processes and through computer-aided design. If you are considering zirconia crowns, make sure to contact our office today to know if it is the right dental restoration for you.

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