Preventing Oral CancerOral cancer includes throat cancer, cheeks, tongue, lips, and soft or hard palate. If oral cancer isn’t treated early enough, death, unfortunately, can be the result. Oral cancer often goes undiagnosed and is not detected until it’s already too late.

Oral Cancer Symptoms

If oral cancer is detected early on, you have a better chance of recovering fully. Some oral cancer signs that you should be on the lookout for are chin, lower lip numbness, constant earaches, dramatic voice changes, frequent pain in the mouth, lumps in the neck or mouth, mouth sores, and mouth bleeding that lasts longer than a week. Oral cancer is caused by heavy drinking or smoking, sun exposure, a poor immune system, and human papillomavirus. Eating correctly, having a well-balanced diet, and exercising are some ways you can ward off oral cancer. Healthy foods can prevent tooth decay and significantly reduce your cancer risk. Foods such as beans, dark green leafy vegetables, flaxseed, grapes, garlic, green tea, and soy are cancer-preventing foods and drinks. Oral cancer can also form on the lips. You can help prevent this by limiting sun exposure and when you go outside, wear a lip balm with SPF.

Preventing Oral Cancer

Seeing your dentist twice a year is vital to maintaining a healthy oral regime and preventing oral cancer. It would be best to see an orthodontist to get screened for oral cancer at least every six months. Sharp teeth have been found to increase the risk for oral cancer because they can cause injuries to the mouth tissues. Oral self-exams are also a great way to spot oral cancer and eliminate early threats. Checking the tongue and inside of your mouth thoroughly to see anything suspicious such as tender areas, lumps, or bumps, is a great place to start preventing oral cancer.

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