Poor Oral Health Can Leave You Chronically ExhaustedDo you feel tired most of the time? If so, you may feel lethargic because of the lack of a dental care routine. To feel better physically and mentally, it helps to follow a program of regular oral hygiene.

Why Your Lack of a Dental Routine Can Make You Chronically Tired

When you do not brush at least twice a day or floss each day, your gums will begin to bleed, and you will become much more susceptible to cavities. If you develop gum disease or oral infection, the pathogens contributing to a gum-related problem will also flow through your bloodstream. When this occurs, it can begin affecting other organs in the body. In turn, you will feel tired and worn out a good deal of the time.

Why Checkups Are Important

If your lack of a dental routine has resulted in a toothache, you probably will not get a good night’s sleep. In turn, you will feel tired during the day, especially if the dental pain wakes you up a couple of times during the night. That is why you need to schedule checkups with us regularly, preferably every six months. Not only can we motivate you to brush and floss regularly, but we can also show you the proper way to do so. We can also catch cavities before they become painful and treat gum disease before it becomes advanced. Studies reveal a link to poor oral hygiene and heart disease, another reason you may feel tired and run down.

Chronic fatigue can have a round-robin effect. You may feel too tired to brush and floss each day and your lack of dental care, in turn, also makes you feel tired and listless. Get off that type of merry-go-round. Contact us today to schedule a professional cleaning and exam. We can arrange a time that is convenient for you during the week or weekend.

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