If Your Teeth Feel Gritty After Brushing, You May Have Missed DebrisSometimes, the gritty feeling on your teeth when brushing could be a result of tarter build-up. Most of the time, this happens on your lower teeth due to the salivary gland’s presence at the lower part of your mouth. Also, the type of food you eat can cause a gritty feeling when you brush your teeth. However, avoiding vegetables is not a good idea since this can lead to hypo-mineralization. This symptom is very common among vegetarians or those eating leafy vegetables. Properly brushing your teeth after every meal could help you get rid of this feeling. If regular and proper brushing does not get rid of the feeling, visit us for a check-up.

Plague Builds Up

Plaque build-up is one of the major causes of gritty teeth. The gritty feeling you have when you run your brush on your teeth may be an indication of plaque build-up. Most people experience this gritty feeling in the morning. However, after brushing and flossing, the feeling goes away. The main reason for gritty feeling in the morning is due to bacteria build-up, which happened at night when you were asleep. At night, the bacteria accumulate to protect themselves. As a result, when you wake up, they are already in your mouth, making your teeth gritty when you brush.

Foods with Oxalic Acid

Some foods stick into the teeth that make them gritty when you brush, but not necessarily due to plaque build-up. Eating kales, spinach, and other foods with high oxalic concentration can cause a gritty feeling on your teeth. Also, foods rich in citric acid can also damage your teeth; it’s important once you eat citric acid-rich food to take a lot of water to curb its impacts on your teeth. Visit our clinic for more guidance on your dental care.

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