I Have A Dark Spot On My Tooth, What Is It?Noticing a black or brown spot on your tooth can mean different things. Discoloration of the tooth can be a purely cosmetic surface stain, or it could indicate tooth decay or even damage. Discolorations can appear as lines, small dots, or blotches. If you are worried about the dark spots on your teeth, you should visit a dentist to inspect the teeth and gums.

Dark Spots from Food Staining

Brown or dark spots can develop when dark or acidic foods penetrate the enamel. Things like coffee, soda, red wine, and tea can stain the teeth or give them a dull appearance. Tomato-based sauces, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, curry, and fruit juices can all stain or darken teeth.

Dark Spots due to Genetics or Environmental Factors

You may develop intrinsic stains that arise from within the tooth. Medical conditions, excessive fluoride, antibiotics, and trauma to a tooth can result in tooth discoloration or staining. Similarly, internal fractures and infected root canals start with tooth discoloration.

What do the Dark Spots Mean?

The black or brown spots forming on the teeth may indicate fluorosis or overconsumption of fluoride. Excess fluoride intake causes brown pits within the biting or chewing surfaces of teeth. They also discolor the enamel. Brown or yellow spots on teeth can indicate tartar. This is the hard substance that forms from plaque biofilm. Tartar starts to appear close to the gum line and it can only be eliminated by a dentist.

Tooth decay is another thing that is responsible for dark or brown spots. If plaque is not removed from a tooth, it starts to damage the enamel, making it become brown. As a cavity eats through the tooth’s enamel, it exposed the dentin, which is darker in shade than the enamel. The decayed parts of the teeth appear darker as they start to die, thus leading to discolored spots or patches. Celiac disease can prevent the enamel from developing correctly, leading to white, yellow, or brown spots or translucent enamel. Lastly, aging causes the enamel to deteriorate, thereby exposing the yellow dentin. This way, you have yellowish-brown spots on your teeth.

Visit us if you spy dark spots on your teeth. Our dentist will inspect the teeth to determine what those spots are and how to eliminate them.

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