How Many Types of Dentists Do You Know?Dentists play an important role in maintaining oral health. They help fix various oral problems that could otherwise result in tooth loss. Given that dentistry is a broad field, there are different types of dentists. Some of the common types of dentists include:

General Dentists

General dentists provide routine dental checks and regular teeth cleanings. However, these types of dentists could lack the knowledge to perform complex surgical procedures. This is why they could refer you to other types of dentists in case you need specialized treatment. In dentistry, general dentists are the typical professionals.


Periodontists are experts that help treat and manage various oral conditions. For example, while a general dentist will help you prevent gum disease, a periodontist offers treatment for gum tissues damaged by this condition. This shows that periodontists are slightly experienced than general dentists. To become a periodontist, a person has to further their studies after graduating from dental school. They take more than two years studying a specialized area in dentistry. In most cases, periodontists are known to treat periodontal disease.


These are dental professionals specialized in handling problems affecting the nerve of your tooth. They are trained in performing root canal procedures and other treatment methods. For example, if you have a chronic toothache that doesn’t respond to painkillers, you could be having an oral abscess. In that case, an endodontist will help fix the problem through a root canal procedure. This procedure involves the removal of bacteria in your tooth pulp. It helps relieve severe cases of oral abscesses. Compared to general dentists, endodontists are slightly more experienced. Like periodontists, they also further their studies after graduating from dental school. They spend more than two years studying a particular field in dentistry. Schedule a consultative appointment with us for more information on the different types of dentists.

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