Healthy Teeth Keep You Looking YoungerIf you look around, the people with beautiful smiles appear younger. They also appear confident. They use their smile to make a good impression. Looking younger has been a desire for many generations.

Most people want to age gracefully. In fact, billions of dollars are spent each year to prevent aging and help people appear younger. Facial creams may be the most common intervention on your face, but did you ever consider giving your teeth a refreshed look to appear younger?

How Can I Improve my Teeth to Look Younger?

When patients ask us what they can do to their teeth to look younger, we give them several suggestions. At the top of our list is developing and maintaining a good oral hygiene routine. Use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth two times each day for two minutes at each brushing session. Don’t brush too hard. Over brushing can wear down your enamel prematurely.

We also advise our patients to limit beverages that may stain their teeth. Dark colored teeth make you look older. Red wine, coffee, fruit juices, and tea may stain your teeth over time. Sipping a can of dark colored soda or an energy drink may also stain your teeth. If you must drink beverages which stain your teeth, consider using a straw. Water continues to be our top choice to hydrate your body and benefit your mouth.

Make Your Appointment

Regardless of how healthy and young your teeth look, it is important to come for a professional cleaning and dental exam twice a year. We can remove tartar that builds up on your teeth as well as identify potential issues may have in your mouth. We want to help your teeth stay healthy and keep you looking as young as possible.

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