Fluoride Myths and FactsFluoride is a mineral that can help prevent tooth decay and strengthen your teeth. Fluoride prevents cavities from developing in the teeth. When bacteria from the mouth mix with sugars, an acid is produced, which damages the enamel’s outer layer. Fluoride is vital because it helps to restore the worn-out enamel. Consume fluoridated water in large quantities. Make sure you’re using fluoride-containing toothpaste. Fluoride can strengthen bone density and protect teeth from decay. The fluoride should be present in water, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Our dentists will also ask to give a drop of fluoride to babies who cannot brush their teeth.

Myth that fluoride is dangerous for children

The fact is that fluoride is beneficial to your teeth and does not hurt you or your children. Use a smear-size fluoride toothpaste on children under the age of three. After three years, you can brush your child’s teeth with fluoride-containing pea-size toothpaste. Fluoride is a mineral that prevents tooth decay and makes teeth stronger. Make sure you and your child both have fluoride toothpaste.

Myth that people who drink fluoridated water get fluorosis

The fact is that a high intake of fluoride causes fluorosis. The fluoride in water is an insignificant amount and cannot cause fluorosis. Fluorosis is mild and only the dentist can notice it or a dental hygienist while cleaning your teeth. When it is mild it is not painful and does not affect the functioning of the teeth. When you mix a child’s formula with fluoridated water the child is likely to have fluorosis. The dentist will guide you on the amount of fluoride to use in water for mixing baby formula.

Our dentists will guide you on the benefits of using fluoride. The dentist will educate you and tell you the amount of fluoride you need in the water that you consume. For your baby’s formula, the dentist will guide you on the best amount of fluoride in water to mix it in.

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