Are Fruits with Skins Good for Your Teeth?Besides being a great source of nutrients to the body, fruits also do help the teeth, Fruits with skins, are quite good for your teeth and dentists recommend that you eat them often. There are very many fruits with skins and they all have different benefits to the teeth though several of them are similar.

Whitens Teeth

Some fruits with skin such as bananas are very good at whitening your teeth. While taking bananas, instead of throwing away the skin, or the peel, you could use it to whiten your teeth. The fruit contains essential nutrients to the teeth such as manganese, magnesium, and potassium which play a key role in teeth whitening. Other fruits with skins that are good at teeth whitening include oranges, pineapples, and apples.

Strengthens Teeth

Besides teeth whitening, fruits such as pears have hard skin, and biting on them helps in strengthening the teeth. Teeth are naturally tough and durable, but it does not hurt to make them stronger. If you have kids, it is advised that you often feed them fruits naturally as the fruits can improve the health of their teeth.

Removes Plaque Between Your Teeth

Biting on the fibrous texture of fruits with skin increases saliva flow, thus reducing bacteria that causes cavities. This also helps in stimulating your gums and keeping them healthy enough to hold your teeth in place. Some of these fruits such as apples are very good at removing plaque that is trapped between the teeth while they strengthen your jaw bone with potassium.

As you shop for fruits in the market, do not only go for expensive fruits without skin such as grapes but rather choose fruits with edible skin such as mangoes, or apples and watch as you grow stronger and whiter teeth for a better smile. To find out more, give our office a call and let our team explain.

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