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Oral Appliance Therapy
Jacksonville, FL

Woman sleeping after getting Oral Appliance Therapy from Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL
If you have obstructive sleep apnea, you can get rid of it by using an oral appliance. Book an appointment with our team at Atlantic Dentistry to receive quality oral appliance therapy. Early diagnoses and treatment of sleep apnea can minimize your risk of developing hypertension, diabetes, and stroke.

Oral appliance therapy is a non-complicated dental procedure that provides effective treatment against obstructive sleep apnea. Our dental specialists typically examine you to find out what form of sleep apnea you have, and then they prepare a custom-fitted appliance. The appliance is much like a sports mouthguard. It doesn’t only protect your vulnerable oral parts, but it also ensures that there are no obstructions in the airway when your brain activates your breathing muscles, thus making for an uninterrupted breathing pattern. An oral appliance typically holds your tongue in position and also provides support to your jaw, thus preventing your airway from collapsing. For the oral appliance to be effective, it has to be custom-fitted, and that’s why store-bought oral appliances are not recommended.

The Oral Appliance Therapy Procedure

Our dental professionals recommend this treatment once they have examined you and determined that an oral appliance is suitable. An impression of your teeth is taken, and the model is sent to the laboratory so that your appliance may be fabricated. You take another appointment for your appliance to be fitted in your mouth. You may also be given a morning repositioner for realigning your bite when you remove the appliance. Our dental professionals ensure that you understand how to use and clean the appliance. Various adjustments may be made, but once everything is set, you are required to take a sleep test to evaluate the effectiveness of the appliance.

Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy

This treatment involves a non-surgical procedure for managing sleep apnea. By using a custom-fitted oral appliance, you can overcome this sleep disorder, and start enjoying quality sleep. The following are some of the benefits of this procedure.

It is built for comfort

Oral appliances are easy-to-wear and enhance comfort. No incisions made. Most patients have an easy time adjusting to oral appliances as opposed to CPAP.


One of the alternative treatments for sleep apnea involves surgically implanting a device in the chest. With an oral appliance, there’s no such invasion. The appliance is fitted in your mouth and the results are immediate.


Some treatments for sleep apnea can be termed hit and miss, but the use of the oral appliance is successful because it keeps obstructions out of your airway, and stabilizes your breathing.


Given the adventurous spirit of human beings, you’re going to sleep in numerous foreign beds. Does this mean you take a break from keeping sleep apnea at bay? By no means! You can stuff the oral appliance with your possessions and bring it along. Sleep apnea can make it difficult to have restful sleep. The starting and stopping of breathing usually results in morning exhaustion, headaches, unstable moods, and sore throat. If you have obstructive sleep apnea, you also have an increased risk of different health problems.

Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for a quick and effective solution. You can also call us at 904 717-0335 for more information.

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Oral Appliance Therapy • Atlantic Dentistry • Jacksonville, FL
At Atlantic Dentistry you will receive quality oral appliance therapy. Early treatment can minimize your risk of developing hypertension, diabetes, and stroke.
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