White Spots on TeethYou aren’t alone if you’ve ever wondered what those white spots on your teeth mean. This type of discoloration is called decalcification. In reality, it’s a common cosmetic dental problem that most people will face at least once in their lives.

White Spot Causes

It is possible for anyone to get white spots on their teeth. The most common cause of these spots is decalcification. A process called demineralization occurs when acids produced by bacteria remove important minerals from your teeth, including calcium and phosphorus. As a result of this process, bacteria dissolve teeth enamel and leave you with white, chalky spots that can remain on your teeth for a long time. If there is too many bacteria in your mouth, it can lead to the formation of white spots on your teeth. Bacteria like to grow on our teeth since they are a favorite place to live. We have such an acidic environment in our mouths that bacteria thrive in – specifically an environment that gets even more acidic every time we eat or drink. Fluoride can cause white spots to appear on your teeth if you expose them to too much. Fluorosis occurs in children when their teeth and enamel are still forming, usually between the ages of one and eight. Your diet can lead to tooth white spots. It is especially important if you have a diet that does not contain many calcium-rich foods. You may experience tooth discoloration due to some medications. Antibiotics such as amoxicillin have been shown to affect the building of tooth enamel, making it easier for bacteria to eat through it. You can cause your child’s teeth to develop white spots if you smoke during pregnancy. White spots can appear on the teeth when you have a high fever, but children are more vulnerable. Wearing braces may cause your teeth to appear white. If you’ve ever had braces, you may notice faint white spots or thin white lines around where the brackets were glued to your teeth.

Get Rid of White Spots

Only your dentist can whiten your teeth to get rid of white spots. This little annoyance can be removed in several different ways. A treatment for enamel microabrasion can remove white spots from your teeth. The process of microabrasion on your teeth is like teeth whitening, except the treatment is mechanical instead of chemical. Getting rid of white spots on your teeth can be achieved by bleaching your teeth, also known as whitening. Veneers can also help eliminate white spots on your teeth. A dental veneer also called a porcelain veneer or porcelain laminate is a thin protective covering that can conceal white spots and stains on your teeth.

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