When Does a Frenectomy Become Necessary?A frenectomy is a procedure that removes or shortens a frenum in your mouth, which is a muscular connector. There are two types of the frenum. The first is a labial frenum which connects the upper or lower lip to the gum between your teeth. Then there is the lingual frenum that connects the bottom of your tongue to the bottom floor of your mouth. Both are vital for the proper working of your jaw when eating and speaking. Issues arising from either frenum can happen at any age.

Spacing Issues

If a frenum is not properly connecting either your lip to your gum or your tongue to the floor of your mouth, gaps and spaces can begin to appear between your teeth. These gaps may sometimes be fixed by braces, but not always. If the spaces and gaps are too difficult for braces to fix, then a frenectomy will be necessary. This is not just a cosmetic concern. Gaps in your teeth can lead to difficulties in eating, speaking, and even the placement of dentures. The spacing of your teeth is critical to assist in the digestive functions of your body. They could also lead to the development of bleeding gums, discolored teeth, or bad breath.

Developmental Problems

If a frenum issue becomes apparent in toddlers or young children, it could impact the development of their jawbones and structures. This could lead to larger issues down the road but most immediately it could prevent speaking and chewing developments while a child goes through adolescence.  It will be necessary to proceed with a frenectomy in these situations so healthy and painless chewing and speaking patterns can be developed. 
If you have concerns about your labial or lingual frenum and want more information on treatment options call our professionals today. We are expertly trained in frenectomy procedures.

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