:When Do Fluoride Treatments Become Necessary?You should always have fluoride treatments, when you have teeth professionally cleaned. Doing so provides an extra barrier against cavities. Therefore, you should always make the treatments a necessary part of a dental cleaning and exam.

When to Begin

Children, as young as 6 months old, can benefit from fluoride treatments at our office. Also, if you are an adult who is considered a moderate-to-high risk patient for developing cavities, you need to schedule fluoride treatments, which only take a few minutes. The application may take the form of a varnish, foam or gel. It is usually applied with a brush or swab or placed in a tray and held in the mouth. After you receive the treatment, you usually should refrain from drinking or eating anything for about 30 minutes. Depending on your degree of risk for developing cavities, you should receive treatments every 3, 6, or 12 months. As noted, you can never begin too early receiving fluoride, as long as it is professionally applied. While fluoride does not completely reduce the chance for decay, it does provide a protective barrier that reverses early tooth decay and supports stronger teeth. If your public water supply has added fluoride, it certainly helps boost your cavity protection. If not, receiving fluoride treatments at our office will provide some compensation.

Using a Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride treatments, using fluoride varnish, which is composed of 5% sodium, can start as young as 6 months old, or when a child’s first tooth erupts. The varnish, which is supported by the ADA, reduces the incidence of cavities by 35%. That is why it is always essential to come to our office every 6 months for regular professional cleanings and exams. The varnish will not cause fluorosis and is perfectly safe. Small amounts of fluoride are safe for young children in toothpaste. Just make sure your child does not swallow the paste.

Have you had a professional cleaning and fluoride treatment lately? If you have not been to our office in the past 6 months, schedule an exam, cleaning, and consultation today.

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