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Tooth Extraction Jacksonville, FL

Woman holding cheek due to tooth ache while at an appointment at Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FLTooth decay, gum disease, and overcrowded teeth are some of the factors that make tooth extraction necessary. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for quality dental procedures. Our dental professionals perform both tooth extraction and wisdom tooth extractions and offer you post-op guidance. Tooth extractions are successfully carried out on millions of people each year. It is important to have all the information before you have your tooth pulled.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

There are various factors behind tooth extraction. The following are some of the instances when our dental professionals recommend tooth extraction:

Excessive Tooth Decay

The National Institute of Dental Research indicates that up to 92% of adult Americans have experienced some form of tooth decay. Excessive tooth decay usually damages the tooth and infects the root canal. A tooth extraction helps prevent further spread of the decay.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection of the gums and other structures surrounding the teeth. Our dental professionals may recommend tooth extraction in mild to severe gum disease to stem the spread. Tooth extraction is usually performed along with other treatments.

Overcrowded Teeth

Overcrowded teeth affect speech and jaw health. They are also a risk factor in gum disease. Our dental specialists perform a tooth extraction to enhance the alignment of teeth.

Broken Tooth

If a patient suffers a broken tooth, the initial plan is salvaging their natural tooth, typically by installing dental crowns, bridges, etc. But if the breakage is so bad that no restorations may be performed, the tooth is extracted.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

There are two main categories of tooth extraction; simple extraction and surgical extraction. A simple extraction involves a tooth that can be accessed easily, whereas surgical extraction involves a tooth where incisions must be made to have better access. Before your tooth is pulled, you are first given an anesthetic to numb you from pain. In some instances, the patient may be sedated; it usually happens when the patient has too much anxiety and threatens to interfere with the procedure. If the tooth is impacted, incisions are made into the connective tissues to increase accessibility and pull it out. Some hard-to-pull teeth may be extracted in small fractions.

It takes one to two weeks to recover from a tooth extraction. New bone and soft tissue fill out the gap, eventually. Over time, the gap may encourage adjacent teeth to shift, which would affect your bite, or make chewing hard. For the above reasons, our dental professionals recommend that you undergo another procedure to replace your extracted tooth.

To maintain high standards of oral health, you have to eliminate tooth decay and dental infection. In many situations, tooth extraction is the best method of preserving your oral health.

What Complications Arise from Dental Extractions?

Our dental professionals perform extractions with guaranteed success. However, some patients may experience pain, especially in surgical extraction, because many incisions must be made. Such patients are given extra care to fight off the pain. Also, some patients might take longer than usual to heal.

Tooth extraction may help you eliminate extreme dental carries and root canal infections. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for successful tooth extraction. You can contact us at 904 717-0335 any time you need our help.
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Our dental professionals perform both tooth extraction and wisdom tooth extractions and offer you post-op guidance. Call to schedule an appointment today!
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