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Same Day Dentures
Jacksonville, FL

Rendering of removable partial denture from Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL
If you have multiple teeth extracted, or intend to have them extracted, you can get same-day dentures. Here at Atlantic Dentistry, we can help you with several types of quality dental procedures. Same day dentures are temporary, and you have to use regular dentures eventually.

When Are They Used?

Our dental specialists perform this restorative dental procedure on the same day that your teeth are extracted. When your teeth are removed, it may take weeks or months before you are fully well, and start wearing normal dentures.

Your mouth has to recover before you can use regular dentures considering that there’s usually a difference between what your mouth is like after healing and what it had been like after tooth extraction.

Same day dentures save you from walking around with a toothless grin as you wait for your mouth to heal and your regular dentures to be fabricated.

The fabrication of regular dentures begins when an impression of your mouth is taken and sent to the dental laboratory. But then regular dentures are not worn until your mouth recovers from the tooth extractions.

The amount of time it takes to fashion same day dentures is influenced by different factors. Our dental specialists take an impression of your teeth way before your tooth extractions. By the time your teeth are extracted, the temporary dentures are available.
The amount of time it takes to prepare immediate dentures: one to two weeks.

Benefits of Same Day Dentures

When all of your teeth are removed, it can be a challenge to accept the transition and carry on with life. These are some of the ways that same day dentures make the situation better.

You Never Go Without Teeth

Teeth are not necessary for just chewing; they also improve our articulation and are a source of charm. Instead of allowing yourself to recover without a tooth in your mouth, opting for same day dentures empowers you to transition smoothly.

Protects Gums

Gums are incredibly sensitive, especially after tooth extraction. Without some type of denture, they might suffer from injuries or bacterial infection. But same day dentures cap the gum to offer protection.

Protect Existing Teeth

If our dental specialists give same day dentures while you still have some natural teeth, the same day dentures play a critical role in protecting your natural teeth. They redistribute pressure evenly across the mouth e.g. when chewing food.

Getting Used to Dentures

Same day dentures may be temporary, but they allow you to practice what it is like eating and speaking with dentures on. When your mouth heals after tooth extraction, you can now wear the regular dentures, and they are every bit as real as natural teeth.

Same day dentures play a critical role in transitioning after most of your teeth or all of your teeth are extracted. After the teeth removal, our dental specialists help you ease your way into using the so-called "fake teeth".

It’s also important to note that dentures are not suitable for everyone. For instance, if you are undergoing radiotherapy, dentures might complicate your condition. Our dental professionals evaluate your condition and tell you whether you are at any risk.

Same day dentures are crucial for orienting yourself on using false teeth. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for tooth extraction and same day dentures. You can also contact us at 904 717-0335.
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Here at Atlantic Dentistry, we can help you with several types of quality dental procedures, including temporary Same-day dentures. Call for more information!
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