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Fluoride Treatment
Jacksonville, FL

Young girl receiving fluoride treatment at dentistFluoride treatment is a fast and dare we say fun (those flavors!) way to prevent cavities before they start and if caught early enough, even repair them. It’s our most well-known preventative dental procedure here at Atlantic Dentistry and is especially popular among children. That’s because fluoride treatment requires little effort for great reward, and is an overall painless procedure. Our dentists recommend it to all of our patients as a quick and easy benefit for the health of your mouth.

Time-Tested. Dentist Approved

Fluoride treatment is a time-tested and medically approved technique in the field of dentistry. For almost a century, it has been used effectively as a way to help teeth get strong and free of cavities. Don’t just take it from us, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends everyone get fluoride treatment to ward off tooth decay every few months depending on their specific situation. You may be wondering where tooth decay comes from. The answer can be found in the food that we eat. You see, the bacteria present in the plaque film that lives on our teeth loves to feast on sugars and other simple carbohydrates. Unfortunately, as they feed, this bacteria creates acid that harms the healthy enamel layer of our teeth through a process known as demineralization. During demineralization, all the best and most protective minerals are removed from your teeth. That means fluoride, phosphate, and calcium are all gone. Some of these vital elements are returned back to the teeth when we eat and drink specific things, but if the balance is too great, a cavity could form. That’s where fluoride treatment comes in! Adding fluoride to your teeth ramps up the process of remineralization, a natural event inside your mouth that repairs enamel and prevents cavities, helping your teeth fight off bacterial acid and in some cases even revert small instances of decay.

Who is Fluoride Treatment for?

The best part about fluoride treatment is that anyone can benefit from it! It’s the reason why so many communities around the country add fluoride to their tap water and most toothpastes and mouthwashes list it as an active ingredient. Just like dental sealants, children have the most to benefit from fluoride treatment. Most dentists will recommend fluoride treatment from a young age with some calling for it as soon as the first baby teeth can be seen. Fluoride treatment further strengthens permanent teeth as well, leading to a stunning, healthy smile for the future.Patients should continue professional fluoride treatment into adulthood. In fact, studies suggest that fluoride treatment is just as important when a patient is older as when they are still developing. As an adult, you’ll only need to have fluoride treatment administered by your dentist about twice a year, or at every visit to our office. More than likely it will be part of your six month dental cleaning checkup as part of the process of having your teeth cleaned. If the dentist at Atlantic Dentistry feels that it would be beneficial, they will suggest for you to come in more often. No matter when or how often you come into our office, make sure that fluoride treatment is part of the plan when you visit.

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Fluoride treatment is the most well-known preventative dental procedure here at Atlantic Dentistry and is especially popular among children. Learn more here.
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