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Digital Radiography
Jacksonville, FL

Digital Radiography from Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FLDigital radiography generates images that enable our dental experts to examine closely patients’ oral health. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for the best digital radiography services in the area. In bygone days, oral checkups would take a long time because of a shortage of tools. Today, with our modern dental technology, patients get checked in a relatively short time. Digital radiography not only saves time but also promotes accuracy.

How It Works

Digital radiographs can be executed either intra-orally or extra-orally. Intra-oral radiographs make for the best images as they provide great detail, and they thus help our dental specialists to notice cavities, monitor gum condition and check bone health. Extra-oral radiographs might not be as detail-rich, but they are great for examining jaw health, spotting dental abrasion, and studying oral bones. A photostimulable phosphor plate is inserted in the mouth to capture the image, and a laser scanner relays the digital image onto a computer screen. Another method of intra-oral radiograph involves placing a sensor in the mouth with a wire attached to it that transfers the image to the computer. Our dental professionals use digital radiography to make a conclusion about what problem the patient might be facing, which speeds up the treatment.

Advantages of Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is an advanced method of monitoring oral health. It is an upgrade from dental x-rays in that it doesn’t emit radiation. The following are some of its advantages.

Detects Tooth and Gum Problems

Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent dental problems. It stealthily works its way from the roots going up, and most people realize their tooth is decaying when it can’t get more obvious, by which time it’s too late. Digital radiographs enable our dental professionals to notice teeth decay much earlier and administer corrective measures. It also helps detect gum disease. Nothing threatens your oral health as much as gum disease. Considering that teeth are held in position by gums, if gum disease is allowed to reach maturity, the teeth would fall off. Additionally, digital radiography helps detect early-stage mouth tumors, which can be indicative of various health problems. The earlier a mouth tumor is detected (and attended to) the easier the recovery path and attainment of full health.

Promotes Organization

With digital radiography, the image is relayed onto the computer, and our dental specialists may manipulate the image to call up detail, and they may also transmit files easily. Now, compared to dental x-rays, which are carbon sheets, digital radiography makes for better storage and data transmission.

Environmentally Friendly

With global warming raising major concern, everyone is now cautious about their contribution to the damage of the environment. Unlike dental x-rays, digital radiography has no chemical processing, or the need to dispose of hazardous material. The system is managed electronically, and it doesn’t contribute to the bastardizing of our environment.

Is Digital Radiography Safe?

Some people felt uncomfortable taking dental x-rays because high radiation posed a threat. Digital radiography is safe for everyone because the radiation is negligible and poses no threat. For close examination of your teeth and gums, digital radiography is necessary.

Along with digital x-rays, we also offer a wide variety of dental technology including a 3D Cone Beam, Intraoral camera, and more!

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Digital radiography not only saves time but also promotes accuracy. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for the best digital radiography services in the area.
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