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Dentistry For Kids
Jacksonville, FL

Young girl brushing her teeth after her parents made an appointment at Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FLA child’s earliest encounter with a dentist shapes their outlook on dental care for the rest of their lives. Here at Atlantic Dentistry, we have the best dental facility for kids. With a sharp awareness of child psychology, our dental experts make appointments fun. Kids grow afraid when someone probes their mouth, almost as if they anticipate something to be taken away from their mouths. Our dental specialists understand how kids think when they are brought to a dentist. It takes gentleness, kindness, respect, and an element of fun to make kids comfortable.

Kids have an adventurous, happy-go-lucky attitude. They could be playing around only for one of them to trip up and crash, splitting a tooth in half. They have a weakness for sugary foods and drinks, but it usually causes tooth decay, making their parents worried. Kids with dental problems require quick assistance because their teeth and gums are not fully developed yet. Untreated dental issues in kids leave them vulnerable to major dental problems in adulthood.

Common Dental Issues in Kids

Since the moment their first teeth come in, parents are obligated to uphold the highest standards of oral health for their kids because it sets a precedent for what their dental health will be like in the future. The following are some of the dental issues faced by kids.

Tooth Decay

The CDC says that about one out of every five kids aged 5-11 have at least one cavity, also known as tooth decay. It is one of the most prevalent dental problems among kids. Tooth decay is mainly caused by the sugars and starch that get lodged in their teeth when they suck on candies, eat cake, and drink fruit concentrates. These sugars and starch are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. And the fact that kids don’t have the mind or the energy to regularly brush teeth and floss doesn’t help matters.

Tooth Sensitivity

When your kid has tooth sensitivity, they feel like there’s a mild electric current passing through their teeth, and they can hardly chew food. Tooth sensitivity typically arises when the enamel wears or when the tooth roots get exposed. It can also be caused by cavities, teeth grinding, or tooth cracks. Our dental specialists can help to get rid of tooth sensitivity in your kid.

Bad Breath

Has your child ever scuttled happily toward you to put kisses on your head and you caught a whiff of their breath and thought to yourself, “What was that?” It’s usually caused by bacteria in their mouth or stomach emitting a bad-smelling gas. Our dental specialists can put a stop to the bad breath and reveal how to avoid future recurrence.

Oral Exams for Kids

Kids who undertake oral exams early are less likely to have dental problems in adulthood. The big question: when is it right to take kids for oral exams? Answer: as soon as their first tooth protrudes. Routine cleanings and screenings guarantee healthy teeth in adulthood.

Tooth Extraction

In as much as kids don’t always enjoy the process of a tooth extraction, in many cases it is essential. It can be a result of excessive tooth decay or overcrowded teeth. Our dental professionals handle the process well and always keep you and your child informed as we go. Dental care during childhood is essential. It’s one of the best gifts you could give your child. Visit our office at Atlantic Dentistry for your child to receive quality dental care. You can contact us at 904 717-0335 to schedule an appointment.
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Dental care during childhood is essential, which is why here at Atlantic Dentistry, we have the best dental facility for kids. Give our office a call today!
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