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Dental Crown
Jacksonville, FL

Photograph of a dental crown from Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FLWhether as a final step in a root canal treatment or a method of restoring a damaged or weakened tooth, crowns are a strong and long-lasting choice. Crowns can restore normal shape, size, color, and function your teeth. The expert dentists at Atlantic Dentistry are ready to shape and fit your crown, improving your appearance and restoring your smile.

Deciding on a Crown

If your tooth has damage beyond the range of a traditional dental filling, a crown is often the best choice for restoration. Maybe you have a cavity that is too large to fill, or a tooth that is weakened from a crack. Or it may be discolored or otherwise damaged. Sometimes older restorations are no longer repairable by replacing the previous material. After removing extensive decay, there may not be enough tooth structure left to support a filling or onlay. Instead of trying to preserve a weakened tooth with a large filling, a crown may be a better choice. Crowns can make teeth stronger and less likely to sustain further damage. As a cosmetic choice, they can result in a much more pleasing appearance than an extensively filled tooth might. They can also provide anchor points for dentures or bridges.

Choice of Material

The different materials available for crown fabrication include ceramic, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, metal alloy, and composite resin. If appearance is critical, you would choose ceramic, resin, or porcelain. If the crown is in a location that most people would not see, gold or other silver alloys offer added strength and durability. Your choice will be informed by the function and position of the tooth, the condition of the surrounding gum area, and expense. Although same day crown treatment is available, you may decide on a normal, traditional crown instead. Same day crowns come with an added expense, and cannot be made with metal alloys. If strength, durability, and value are your main goals, a metal crown fabricated in a lab is your best choice.

Preparation and Procedure

Getting a traditional crown requires two visits. On the first visit you will have an impression or mold made of your existing teeth. The damaged tooth is prepared by removing material, which results in a tapered cylinder shape. This will be the structure where the crown is placed. On your second visit, your new crown will be placed on the prepared tooth several times to assure correct fit and comfort. Our team will make fine alterations and positioning adjustments, and finally your crown is cemented into place. To document the position and fit of your new crown, an x-ray will be taken. This x-ray will also be your new updated dental image for our files. Your tooth will be immediately functional once your crown is placed. You will want to use it gently at first, but you may resume normal bite pressure and chewing after a few days. Some temperature or pressure sensitivity is normal at first, but should diminish over time.

Atlantic Dentistry is committed to the excellent fabrication and fitting of your traditional crown. Call our experienced team at 904 717-0335 for more information.
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