Do You Brush the Roof of Your Mouth Each Day?As children, we were always told to make sure we brush our teeth twice a day for two minutes. However, in reality the teeth are not the only surface in the mouth that need protecting from harmful bacteria, as it collects everywhere in the mouth. You may be aware that you need to floss and brush your tongue, but the roof of the mouth can also collect bacteria and debris. Does the roof of the mouth need brushing every day, and if so, how should it be brushed?

How Often Should You Brush the Roof of Your Mouth?

Brushing the roof of your mouth will limit the number of harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. It can also make your breath fresher, as debris can cause bad breath. Brushing the roof of your mouth should be incorporated into your oral hygiene routine every time you brush your teeth. This may sound excessive, but brushing the roof of your mouth does not take long, so it can be easily done. When you do brush the roof of your mouth, it can also be good to brush the inside of your cheeks, as they are also liable to collect bacteria. Using mouthwash can help clean these areas as well, as it reaches places you may find difficult to brush.

How to Brush the Roof of Your Mouth

Brushing the roof of your mouth is very easy, as the main aim is to dislodge any bacteria that has collected on the surface. Simply brush the area gently to remove any bacteria, making sure to clean the entire surface. Rinse after you have brushed to remove all debris from the mouth. The cleaning should take less than a minute. To find out more about how to improve your oral hygiene routine, contact our office now.

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