Are you Aware of the Dangers of Missing Teeth?Missing teeth occur in most adults and children. Missing teeth is risky and can affect other body systems if not addressed. When the teeth are not in their proper position or missing, it causes alterations and compromise to the rest of the teeth due to bone loss, malocclusion and wear and tear.

What Causes Missing Teeth?

It is essential to know the causes that cause tooth loss because, in this way, it is easier to understand how to avoid them. Periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis lead to teeth loss. The deteriorated gums cause the teeth to lose the ability to fix and grip, thus falling off.

Tooth agenesis is another cause of missing teeth, and it results from abnormal development of the teeth and late or failure eruption of the teeth. In such conditions, teeth fall out hence missing from the dental alignment. Teeth extraction due to the development of cavities, trauma, or blow to the teeth can result in missing teeth.

Dangers of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth harm functional and overall health and impact physical appearance and psychological. Severe loss of teeth causes alterations to the oral tissues.

The functional complications caused by missing teeth include phonation challenges which are the difficulties experienced while pronouncing some words and sounds. Also, the missing teeth cause chewing complications making it difficult to grind food.

Additionally, the danger of missing teeth affects the gums by causing wear and tear that causes sensitivity to other adjacent areas of the teeth. Also, missing teeth cause bone loss within the jawbone and also cause dental malocclusions since the other teeth pieces move and occupy the missing area.

Generally, missing teeth harm your dental health. Thus, if you have experienced a missing tooth, seek dental assistance to avoid causing more damage to the dental alignment.

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